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Adult Игры : General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG)
автор: dens007 | 12-06-2019, 15:19 | Просмотров: 5273
General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG)

Вы играете за врача, который работает в частной клинике. Это игра в стиле визуально-романа со множеством элементов RPG. Медицинская часть, написанная в сотрудничестве с настоящим врачом, будет симулирующей.
Вы сможете исследовать пациентов, как мужчин, так и женщин. Во время игры будут проходить различные мероприятия, которые приведут вас к изучению множества людей...

Год выхода: июнь 2019
Жанр: Ren'py, Visual Novel, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Groping, Family Sex, Seduction
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик: Bruni Multimedia
Издательство: Bruni Multimedia
Тип издания: В разработке
Платформа: PC/Windows
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка не требуется
Размер: 1.97 GB

Системные требования:
OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 | HDD: 1.8 GB

General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG) General Practitioner [v0.0.25.6] (2019/ENG)

Changelog Version
Bug fixing
- Fixed an issue with missing images during the "Merry Christmas Chapter"
- Fixed a crash when clicking on "Migraine" over the Codex
- Fixed an issue with "Cradle Cap" missing options for treatment and dismissal in Random Exams
- Fixed a crash when accessing Sam Neil's medical record during his exam
- Fixed a very rare incoherent reply from Rita after you had dinner with her and she broke with Luke
- Fixed an issue which caused fame drop to add to itself day after day without resetting properly. This caused the fame to decrease A LOT no matter what you did day after day and eventually broke the mechanic, even after sending people to lectures.
- Female patients affected by altitude sickness won't have penises anymore
- Fixed a very rare issue which prevented the Merry Christmas event to play at all if a long list of choices was made in exact order. This was found out by mere chance as it was literally very rare!
- Fixed an issue which prevented the "Merry Christmas" chapter to be played with your chosen romance option. In case you already played the event, chances are that you played the "Claudia" version, while there were 6 more different ones. I suggest you load a save before December 24th (in-game time) and play the event again, or start a new game. Older saved games are already fixed by applying the update and loading.
- Fixed an uncommon issue which corrupted the game if you dated Rita by phone after you already had dinner with her.
- Fixed an issue with the game not recognizing Aaron or Vanessa being your romance partner. The issue fixes the game after you load a savegame after "The higher, the Fewer" chapter has been completed.
- Fixed a wrong sequence of save game numbers on the Save and Load screens
Added new pictures for actions throughout the game
Fixed an issue that prevented Mac users with certain hardware configurations to correctly display animations
Gallery option was temporarily removed from the game until it will be completed
Removed the ability to "mouse scroll" back to a previous line of dialogue. This was a temporary feature for development purposes only. You can still roll back to a previously made choice by enabling the "left/right side scroll back" when clicking the mouse in the Preferences screen, but it might not always be possible (by design choice, that's not a bug!). This, of course, adds to the overall difficulty of the game, so if you're really unsure about what to do... SAVE OFTEN!
Removed a "Work in progress" screen after "Merry Christmas", it was out of date
It is now easier to date Judith (Paul's mom) after his exam


New Achievements have been added:
- A chance for Glory
- Younger! Harder!
- Lifeguard
- Fertility Issues - Part 1

The "Home activities" are now involving Erika if she's living with you.
- Play a musical instrument

- Spend some time cooking

- Spend some time with Erika

- Masturbate (if vanilla mode is OFF)

- Have a shower

- Watch TV

- Watch porn (if vanilla mode is OFF)

- Play a videogame

Relationship markers with Elisa have been redesigned. The game automatically updates itself to the new marker when loading a game or starting a new game.
After January 2nd, if you have more than one romance in place, the game will ask you which is the "Main Romance" you want to pursue. While it's possible to date more than one girl at any given time, for shared events (events which take place in the very same day for each character involved) it's necessary to choose who to give priority to for narration purposes.
In-game year now shows 202x instead of 2017-2018
"Quests" have been removed from the game. See Devlog #16 for further infos about why.
Some in-game events' activation triggers have been moved or redesigned. While the method used should not corrupt save games it is recommended you start a new game OR load a game before September (in-game time)
You can now tell staff members to undergo training classes to improve their skills. See this link for further infos about this feature.


New exam available: Gloria (#66): you can start her exam in story mode after you completed the "Erika's Legacy" third part in February or type in her ID (4333268165)
New exam available: Lacey (#67): you can start her exam after February 4th or type in her ID to play it (8277861067)
New hospital exam available: Rajesh (#68): you can start his exam after February 10th or type in his ID to play it (1997240868)


All of "Erika-related" content will play regardless if chose her as a "Main Romance", however some situations and conversations might change accordingly.

Added event "Erika's relationship" which will start on January
Added event "Erika's Legacy" which will start in September, December and February (if you're already over those dates the event will start regardless)
Added event "High School Lecture" which will start in November after you discussed about it with Rita, Claudia or Erika at home
Added event "Physician, heal thyself Erika Path)" which will start on March 31st and continue up to April 21st. This will only play if Erika is your "Main Romance".
Please note that during this event the energy amount of the doctor is forced to be very low. This is working as intended as it reflects the doctor's current health and it's NOT a bug which doesn't replenish the health bar.

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    игры для взрослых, эроигры, хентай инцест, флеш, порно, скачать

    #1 написал: Форий   18 сентября 2018 18:59 | ICQ:  

    Группа: Посетители
    Регистрация: 18.09.2018
    Какая версия игры в меню 0,16?? спс
    Публикаций: 0 | Комментариев: 2       

    #2 написал: dens007   20 сентября 2018 01:45 | ICQ: 416194310  

    Группа: Журналисты
    Регистрация: 27.05.2016
    В версии 0,17 и 0,17 Fix2, в меню написано 0,16! Хотя версия 0,17. Просто разработчик не обновил. В 0,17 Fix3 это уже исправлено
    Публикаций: 475 | Комментариев: 104       

    #3 написал: Форий   7 октября 2018 22:52 | ICQ:  

    Группа: Посетители
    Регистрация: 18.09.2018
    спс за игру и ссылки!!
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    Есть люди, в которых живет Бог. Есть люди, в которых живет дьявол. А есть люди, в которых живут только глисты. (Ф. Раневская)


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